Monday, November 24, 2008

Watch Movies Online - A Look at Hulu

Hulu was built to Watch Movies Online. It was originally built as NBC answser to iTunes when NBC decided it could do a better job a marketing their television offerings than iTunes could. NBC also wanted the lions share of the profits, so there was some monetary sense to it too.

By adding commercials throughout the programs, Hulu allows you to watch movies or television programs online for free. The commercials are much easier to take than they are on regular broadcast television. Usually they last somewhere between 15 and 30 seconds. Much less than you would see elsewhere.

When you watch movies online through Hulu, the commercials can seem oddly placed. In fact, it often seems that Hulu has just said, "The movie is two hours long and we need to show 8 commercials, so give them one every 15 minutes no matters what is happening." It can be quite a jolt at times, but does not do to much stop your enjoyment of the movies online as you watch.

Movies are obviously not Hulu's bread and butter. They only have about 100 movie or so that you can watch online, but what they have a pretty good. In future posts, I will write some reviews of my favorites.

Online movie watching is not the only choice at Hulu. They also have a very broad list of telvision series from the current NBC and Fox stables.

Most of the these programs are available for you to watch online for several weeks and in general the episodes show up within a day of their original broadcast time slot.

I have heard that with most programs you can watch online within an hour of their original airing in the Hawaii market place. I am guessing that's the last stop on the NBC circuit for the first run.

After several weeks of being available for online watching, the shows will show up as about the be deleted. They give you several days of warning. So if you are behing on you Heros watching, you'd better get online and get caught up before they go away and you are forced to wait for the next chance to watch, which no doubt be when the season DVD's hit the movie rental stores.

Besides watching current televsion or movies online, you can also catch up on series that have been off the air for a while. Shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly and The Incredible Hulk are available for online watching and you can relive your fondest memories from childhood or break the spell, probably a little of both.

Watching movies online even on a DSL connection is not a bad experience at all. The online interface takes its time and determines the right speed for the optimal playback of the movie you have requested to watch.

There is also a feature that allows you to sto viewing in the middle of the movie and interrupt your online viewing.

Later when you are ready to watch online again, you can simply call back up the movie you are watching and you will be taken back to point where you left off. That's nice.

So, that's it. Hulu is a great place to start when you are ready to watch movies online.

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