Monday, December 8, 2008

Current Movies Online

When you are in search of current movies online, you might be tempted to think that there is nothing out there for you unless you go down the path of questionable sources to find what you are looking for.

There are other avenues, so don't dust off your bit torrent client, just yet. I am not saying that you can find everything you want that has hit your local movie rental house, but you can find some and that is a start.

In the past I have reviewed Hulu when covering movies online and while they have many great finds to offer you, you will not see a lot of current movies to help you in your quest.

For that, you have to go to other sources, in my case I often use Netflix to help me catch up on movies that I have not seen because I missed them when they were in the movie theater and current.

Netflix gives me some more recent titles to choose. In fact, it seems that they are adding more all the time.

So, what am I considering a current movie. I would consider them to have been originally released in the last 2 or 3 years. That's current to me.

Recently, I watched a great current movie in this realm, Pan's Labyrinth. This is a foreign language film, written and directed by
Guillermo del Toro and has sub-titles. Even with that distraction, and it was not that distracting, I was still struck by how visually interesting this film is.

In fact, it was the visuals that drew me to it in the first place. I can remember watching the trailer online or on TV and thinking, that looks great. I was not wrong, BTW.

I think you can honestly say that Guillermo del Toro must have a very active and wild dream life. This guy can think up some weird stuff and that's the best kind of stuff there is.

Since this movie never made it my way (my local theater is not really interested in films that have to be read to follow them) and I never traveled to make it to a theater that allowed people to enjoy what they wanted, I was left wondering about this film. Well, I am wondering no more.

Recently, I was reminded of my interest when I saw that this film was going to be on one of the premium cable channels. The small trailer they showed to announce the soon to be aired program was enough to get me interested all over again. Unfortunately, the air date was not when I wanted it to be, ie NOW! So, Netflix to the rescue and with a few minutes, I was watching a great movie.

Thanks to Netflix, I got to see this relatively current movie online and have an enjoyable couple of hours to boot.

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